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Other documents

We can help you get documents visaed-stamped as and apply for International Import Certificate (IC) and Delivery Verification Certificate (DVC)

The following documents can be visaed-stamped at Stockholm Chamber of Commerce:

International Import Certificate (IC) and Delivery Verification Certificate (DVC)

Some countries require an International Import Certificate (IC) before export is granted. Some of these countries also require a Delivery Verification Certificate (DVC) which proves that the goods indeed have been delivered to the designated country. With an IC, the importer proves intent to import the goods and the DVC certifies that the goods have actually arrived.

If it is the first time you apply for an IC or DVC, you need to fill out a questionnaire with information regarding your company, import purposes, sales area etc. You will find the questionnaire in the links below.

IC and DVC questionnaire

IC application

IC certificate

DVC application

DVC certificate

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