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ATA Carnet is an international passport for goods used for temporary admission and is valid in approximately fifty countries outside the EU.

A list of countries in which an ATA Carnet can be used can be found here.

The ATA Carnet can be used for temporary admission in the following areas:

Note that the approved area of use varies in different countries as shown in the list of countries above.

When you are using an ATA Carnet, there is no need to fill out documents or to pay deposit at the foreign customs when crossing the border. With an ATA Carnet, the customs procedure becomes smoother, easier and faster since the customs formalities are prepared in advanced in your local language and currency. In most cases you only need to bring one document on the trip to clear customs.

An ATA Carnet is valid for one year and can be used for up to 10 trips. The ATA Carnet must follow the goods at all time and is to be displayed and stamped at each border crossing.

The cost of an ATA Carnet varies depending on factors such as membership in Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, value of the goods, number of trips etc. For more information, please see the price list. The applicant company should make a deposit in relation to the value of the goods for each carnet. The deposit will be refunded when the carnet has been returned to the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, provided that the time limit has not expired and that foreign customs has confirmed, by stamps, that the goods have been re-exported. The deposit serves as an incentive for the carnet owner to properly manage the carnet.


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