Stockholm Chamber of Commerce - AI-Company Gavagai receives entrepreneur prize from Stockholm Chamber of Commerce and Swedish Lunch in Davos

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AI-Company Gavagai receives entrepreneur prize from Stockholm Chamber of Commerce and Swedish Lunch in Davos

The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce and the founders of a Swedish Lunch in Davos have given the entrepreneurship prize to Gavagai. The company has developed technology that teaches computers to read and understand languages in a human way. Lars Hamberg, CEO of Gavagai, is invited to Davos during the week of World Economic Forum to present their global vision to hundreds of global leaders.

The Stockholm based company Gavagai has developed a technology to automate language structures. Mr. Lars Hamberg will represent Swedish innovation and entrepreneurship and share Gavagai's global vision to humanise large data flows and information. Gavagai has developed a technology for automated understanding of language data. The technology solves some of the most common problems that arise when dealing with real world language data, which is unstructured and extremely inconsistent. The language learning is unsupervised, incremental and continuous, without a re-train cycle. This improved understanding enables new applications in all languages. 

”Our approach to manage languages is completely revolutionary as we can use the computing power of a computer to create human meaning from a large set of data” says Mr. Hamberg about the technology from Gavagai.

Motivation from the Jury

”Stockholm is a hub of tech-intensive companies and Gavagai is no exception. This company is clear example of how a Swedish tech-company answers a global question in a very scalable way. We are looking very much forward to see how the world changes with Gavagai’s technology.”

About the Entrepreneurship prize

The prize is a co-operation that begun in 2017 between Stockholm Chamber of Commerce and the Swedish Lunch founders, Marcus Widegren and Alexander Widegren. The Entrepreneurship prize rewards tech-intensive and innovative companies, in the Stockholm region, with global potential. The winner is invited to present their vision to global leaders at The Swedish Lunch in Davos. The jury consists of: Christer Fuglesang, astronaut, Nami Zarringhalam, co-founder of Truecaller, Maria Rankka, CEO Stockholm’s Chamber of Commerce, Marcus Widegren, co-founder The Swedish Lunch and Alexander Widegren, The Swedish Lunch.

About The Swedish Lunch in Davos

The Swedish Lunch was founded by twin brothers Marcus and Alexander Widegren in 2015. They have organized a networking event, panel debates and workshops for hundreds of global leaders. The lunch is a non-profit event that is supported by partners, that this coming year is Volvo Cars, Uppsala University, Skeppshult and Sjöö Sandström.

The Swedish Lunch has quickly grown to one of the most popular auxiliary events during the World Economic Forum in Davos. Attempting to share Swedish values and Swedish entrepreneurship are the main goals of the event. Especially interesting is the gender equality that the event has attracted, as close to half of the guests are global female leaders.