Stockholm Chamber of Commerce - Innovation strategy

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Education & Innovation

Innovation strategy

The capital region is the center for research and development. One third of all research and development are done in the region. Our vision is to become the most innovation-driven economy by 2025.

The private sector is the main source of funding for research and development in Sweden. Meanwhile, the Sweden is underperforming in innovations. Therefore, we need better conditions for contractors for transferring innovations to the global marketplace. Better cooperation between academia and industry is needed so that the region's full potential can be realized.

The Chamber is cooperating with governmental authorities, academia and private actors in both Stockholm and Uppsala in order to improve the climate for innovation and make the region more attractive for researchers and businesses.

The Chamber promotes:

The Chamber is also working to clarify the rules and increase the practical possibilities for foreign universities to set up branches in the region. Since serious players have stopped, it is highly needed. We collaborate with other business organizations and public organizations that share our vision.