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Our issues

The capital region is one of the fastest growing regions in Europe. The dynamic international business climate makes the capital region globally attractive. Yet, the competition for talented individuals and companies is fierce and there are many challenges.

The Stockholm County population is growing with two buses every day and Uppsala city with more than a bus per week. A quarter of the country's population live in the metropolitan area, a third of the country's GDP is generated here and about 40 percent of the economic growth is generated here.

The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce represents over 2000 companies in the region. We conduct extensive regional growth issues, and the Chamber acts both locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

In 2012, the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce celebrated 110 years of existence. In connection with the celebration, a future program was developed for the region, called "The individuals, companies and the city". The program gives the Chamber’s picture of a metropolitan region that is attractive for those that are living here today and for all individuals that the capital wants to attract during the coming decades. The ambition is to compete globally with knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Stockholm metropolitan is the hub in the country during a period of dynamic development. Stockholm Chamber of Commerce does not only want to be part of this development; we also want to boost the region.

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