Stockholm Chamber of Commerce - World Trade Day 2016

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International Trade

World Trade Day 2016

Publicerad 9 september 2016 10:29 Uppdaterad 7 october 2016 15:18
Cities, not countries, are the natural commercial hubs. A dense urban environment drives innovation and creativity, combines and connects ideas, capital and labour. Trade is essential to cities. They are not only driving growth locally, but globally. That is why the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce presents an internationalization strategy for the Capital Region.

During the World Trade Day, the Trade Minister, Anne Linde, welcomed the strategy and all the work that has gone in to it through Stockholm's participation in the GCI, Global Cities Initiatives. The Minister said among other things that the increasing role of cities in trade will have to affect the way trade is promoted in the future.

"In a way cities have already done so" The CEO of Business Sweden, Ylva Berg, expressed the importance of the strategy in that it provides a fresh perspective on trade and trade promotion.

"A really interesting read! The strategy provides a comprehensive action plan for increasing internationalization not only in the capital region but in Sweden as a whole." She also said Business Sweden will participate in the work going forward, which aims at implementing the measures proposed by the strategy.

Lena Johansson, CEO of the International Chamber of Commerce in Sweden, emphasized the good timing: "Conventional approaches to spur trade, like state-led trade policy, do not seem to be working very well. We need new approaches to promote internationalization and this strategy is an excellent guide for this."

Maria Rankka, CEO of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, describes the strategy as a vaccine against complacency and ended her speech with “Let’s together make Stockholm a true global city”

At the World Trade Day, three Swedish companies were awarded with the honourable prizes Export Hermes and Export Pioneer. Export Hermes was awarded to Thule Group AB and Tepe, two Swedish companies that have reached success on the international market with their own products and a clear export strategy.

Export Pioneer was awarded to Mando Group AB for their bright future, innovative technics for treating eating disorders and for breaking ground in a market that usually do not export.

“These companies are worthy winners” says Anders Lundwall, chairman of The Foundation for Export Development.

Read Maria Rankka’s speech here The Role of Global Cities for Trade and Growth

Read the strategy (in Swedish) "Det globala Stockholm - En strategi för huvudstadsregionens internationalisering"