Stockholm Chamber of Commerce - The Quiet Triumph: officially launched

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The Quiet Triumph: officially launched

Publicerad 1 march 2017 09:29 Uppdaterad 1 march 2017 09:43
The documentary The Quiet Triumph – How Arbitration changed the world, a film portraying the role of arbitration in world affairs. The film premiered during the celebration of the SCC Centennial where nearly 700 guests from around the world gathered at Stockholm’s Rigoletto theatre to see the film.

The success of international arbitration is generally only understood by the actors working within it and now is the time to make an unknown story known. For many centuries, international arbitration has played an important role in enabling peaceful and constructive relationships among states. By enabling common rules and peaceful dispute resolution, arbitration has been an important building block in the growth of international trade and economic development. As expressed by Alexander Komarov in the film:

- The world is a small village. And that’s why we have to be helpful to each other. The idea is that everybody on the globe could have equal opportunities; and not only opportunities, but real benefits from international trade.

The documentary film The Quite Triumph tells the story of international arbitration, with events in Sweden in the foreground. It features interviews with central players who experienced the ground-breaking developments first hand, and whose skills and integrity contributed to making the world a better place.

Trailer | The Quiet Triumph | How arbitration changed the world from Miltton Labs on Vimeo.

Watch the The Quiet Triumph here