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Deepen the Cooperation with UK

Publicerad 15 july 2016 02:03 Uppdaterad 2 november 2016 04:18
The reactions in the Nordics after the result of the British referendum can be described more in terms of sadness and concern than anger and revenge. Public officials as well as the business community have clearly stated the importance of a collaborative approach both short term and long term.

The consequences of Brexit will be devastating for countries like ours, if they are not properly managed. The UK has been one of our best allies in the EU. We stand together on a wide array of issues for a more free trade-oriented and competitive Europe.

The UK is also a very important trade partner to us. No matter if the UK will remain member of the EU or not, we must find ways to strengthen the economic and political relationship between the European Union and the United Kingdom.

The democratic process and the will of the British constituency must be respected. The EU is and should be an institution that strengthens rather than constrains its members – after all it is not a prison. The need for continuous reform of EU and its institutions to enhance flexibility and increase global competitiveness will be growing in the future.  

Representing the business community in entrepreneurial Sweden and Finland our message is that we want to deepen our exchange with Britain. In order to do that we need a mutually beneficial and comprehensive trade and investment partnership between the EU and UK. It is absolutely key to find a way that allows trade both in goods and services as well as joint research and development projects, student exchange and free movement of labour.

Risto Penttilä, President and CEO of Finland Chamber of Commerce

Maria Rankka, CEO Stockholm Chamber of Commerce

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