Stockholm Chamber of Commerce - Fees

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Start / Fees


Model Agreement (ESCROW 2014)

The prices listed are net of Value Added Tax (VAT).

Initial fee: 15 000 SEK
Annual fee: 12 000 SEK

Update fee:

1 500 SEK

Other administration fees: 

 from 5 000 SEK

The initial fee will be invoiced on signature of the Agreement and the annual fee at the beginning of the calendar year to which the fee relates and is paid for each commenced year within the term of this agreement.

The fee for Material updates is invoiced at such time as a Material update is deposited and for each commenced year within the term of the agreement. 

The Licensor and the Licensee that want to terminate the Agreement shall notify SCC before December 31 in order not to be invoiced for the coming year. 

The following fees are applied for master agreements signed before 31 November 2006.

Annual fee: 10,000 SEK/licensee
Update fee: 1,500 SEK/licensee

The following fees are applied for master agreements signed after 31 November 2006:

Annual fee: 5, 000 SEK/licensee
Update fee: 1, 500 SEK /licensee

Price adjustments

If the material placed in Escrow requires special storage, the fees may differ from the amounts stated above.

The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce hold its right to adjust the above mentioned fees with regard to price and currency value changes. .