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When can we use ATA Carnet?
When temporarily exporting professional equipment, commercial samples or goods to be displayed at a fairs and exhibitions outside of the EU. Make sure that the country of destination accepts carnets and the category of your goods.

What countries accept ATA Carnet?
Please check the list of countries and territories accepting ATA Carnets. Some of the countries apply additional regulations, please contact the Chamber of Commerce for more information.

For how many journeys is the ATA Carnet valid?
The ATA Carnet is valid for 1 year. Within that period of time a maximum of 10 journeys can be issued.

How long does it take to process the application?
Approximately 3 days.

Do we have to make sure that the customs office is open on our departure/arrival?
It is of great importance to check the opening hours in order to have the carnet processed. It is the Carnet holder´s responsibility to locate a customs inspector to validate the Carnet. Contact the local customs authorities to assure that an inspector familiar with Carnets will be available.

If not using an ATA Carnet, what are our options?
The alternative is to pay customs duties and VAT at the time of entry.
Travelling with a Carnet simplifies customs border crossing in terms of time and money. You only use one single document and do not have to pay duties and VAT.