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FAQ & Vocabulary

Can SCC Escrow Services only be used for depositing computer programs?
No. In general, anything but cash can be deposited using the SCC model agreement. Hence, documents such as recipes, options, drawings, blueprints, agreements and other documents of importance can be deposited. Contact SCC for more information at .

What Escrow services does the Chamber of Commerce offer?
The Standard procedure is a three party agreement that demands one deposit made for each licensee (customer). This service is mainly in those cases where the source code includes special solutions or part solutions of the licensee.

How long will it take before we can make the deposit?
Normally it will take 5-10 days depending on how many adjustments that has been made in our model agreement and how you send us the agreement for final inspection.

What is the legal position regarding bankruptcy?
When bankruptcy is included as an event of release, the risk of a trustees’ objection to the Escrow Agreement as a whole should be regarded. This risk may increase if the right of use after the release is expanded (e.g. exclusive rights) in the escrow agreement.
SCC can not, due to the conflict in Swedish law between the rights to the object (the deposited copy) and the right to use it (copyright protection), leave a legal guarantee regarding the release in case of bankruptcy.