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Escrow Services

Escrow service is used to deposit source code or other valuable material (drawings, stocks, agreements, medical recipies etcetera) into an account held by a third party Escrow Agent, such as the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.

The System Developer (licensor) and the customer (licensee) prepare an Escrow Agreement under our consultancy. We provide several Model Agreements that make the escrow agreement process safe, quick and easy.

Once the parties have agreed on the Escrow Agreement, three identical original counterparts are signed and drawn by all parties. Afterwards, the Chamber is ready to receive the Source Code (Material) in accordance with the Escrow Agreement.

The Chamber has been acting as an Escrow Agent for many years. We started as a service to our member companies in the mid 1980's but escrow services are at this point open for everyone. We hold material in escrow for international as well as domestic partners.

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