Stockholm Chamber of Commerce - Criminality is poisoning the business climate in the suburbs

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Criminality is poisoning the business climate in the suburbs

Criminality sadly affects the daily activities of businesses in vulnerable areas. They are exposed to threats, violence, and robberies. About one out of ten business considers moving or closing. The areas with the highest insecurities are Hallunda, Hallonbergen, Kungsängen and Jakobsberg. A new survey by the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce show.

- More than a third of business' in vulnerable areas have at least once been affected by crime. Almost one out of ten business considers moving their establishments because of criminality. These numbers are alarming which politicians and the police force must now take in a more serious manner.

Says Maria Rankka, CEO of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, in a commentary on the new report done by the Chamber on how criminality affects the business climate in vulnerable areas in Stockholm county.

- Criminality affects at firsthand local businesses, which limits their possibilities in generating new opportunity for job creation. The presence of criminality is therefore not only the result of, but also the explanation to a higher local unemployment. It is time to prioritize a greater presence of police, communal security guards, and an increased growth of surveillance cameras in the vulnerable areas. Security is a crucial factor in creating a better business climate, Maria Rankka ends.  

A few comparisons from the report:

Downlaod and read the full repost Kriminaliteten förgiftar företagandet i förorten (swedish)