Stockholm Chamber of Commerce - Boosting The Capital-prize Goes To A More Open And Inclusive Region

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Boosting The Capital-prize Goes To A More Open And Inclusive Region

The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce is highlighting three initiatives that has contributed in making the capital region more innovative, inclusive, and outgoing. Ideas and projects that simply boosts Stockholm/Uppsala, our capital region.

This month we pay tribute to and hand out the Boosting the Capital-prize to Thomas Andersson, Visit Stockholm and Ewa Lagerqvist, Visit Sweden for the campaign The Open City, Ulf Stenberg och Emil Rosén Adsten, Fryshuset, for the show Klipp Han, as well as Mårten Westberg for his initiative Akalla Run.

Thomas Andersson and Ewa Lagerqvist

Thomas and Ewa are awarded for the campaign The Open City, showing millions of people around the world what Stockholm has to offer. The campaign does not just show the city as is, but also what it aims for; to be an inclusive city which is open and tolerant, and inspires the Stockholmers to become even greater.

Ulf Stenberg and Emil Rosén Adsten

Ulf and Emil are awarded for the powerful show Klipp Han, being performed at Dramaten. The show, which allows exposed voices that speak directly with the audience, highlighting today’s societal problem while it also builds bridges between new and old cultural institutions.

Mårten Westberg

Mårten is awarded for his initiative Akalla Run, providing free of charge training and exercise in a safe platform for social exchange between individuals and beyond the limits of generation. The initiative shows us that sports, engagement and thinking outside of the box can help tackle the integration challenges of the capital region.