Stockholm Chamber of Commerce - 27 Swedish Businesses Among Forbes 2000 Largest Global Business List

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27 Swedish Businesses Among Forbes 2000 Largest Global Business List

Sweden make up 27 of the businesses on Forbes fresh list of worlds’ 2 000 largest global enterprises.

It is a marginal improvement compared to previous years. In 2016, only 23 Swedish businesses were on the Forbes list.

- It is positive that Swedish businesses are that successful, however the competition is stiff and ambitious investments towards the future is necessary, Andreas Hatzigeorgiou, Chief economist at the Stockholm Chamber, says.

Today’s revelation, 27 businesses, is a positive affirmation – albeit the decision of Nordea to close its headquarters in Sweden and move to Finland, is regarded as a Swedish company.

- It is also Nordea which tops the list of Swedish businesses on the list. Generally, many Swedish businesses on the list are those active within the financial sector, because of that one should take the decision of Nordea to move its headquarters very seriously. Sweden needs more headquarters, Andreas Hatzigeorgiou says.

Sweden is the one country in the Nordics with the most headquarters present per million inhabitants. Sweden accounts for 2,7 businesses per one million inhabitants, while Denmark makes up 2,4, followed by Norway 1,7 and Finland 1,6.

At the same time, the major Swedish banks have fallen on the list over time.

- For Sweden and Stockholm, the financial businesses are very important and it is concerning that we are losing ground in global competitiveness. Greater efforts are needed to transform Stockholm into a financial center. The conclusion that Nordea chooses to move is also a sign that we need to rearrange politics in a way to make it more attractive to have headquarters in Sweden. The imposed flight-tax and the discussions regarding a bank-tax are yet other examples of actions that worsens the possibility for Swedish businesses to act on the global stage, Andreas Hatzigeorgiou says.