Stockholm Chamber of Commerce - 22 new subway stations provide 200,000 new housing areas

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22 new subway stations provide 200,000 new housing areas

Stockholm County region is one of Europe’s fastest growing regions and an attractive place for business establishments. In order to deal with the population growth, the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, in its new report; is proposing the construction of 22 new subway stations – with the potential of providing 200,000 new housing areas.

- Much of what we propose should already be in progress today. The capacity is insufficient, while Stockholm County is growing with up to 40,000 new inhabitants yearly. A future-aligned decision is required on the political side.

Says Daniella Waldfogel, Policy Expert at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.

- An expanded subway system is good for the environment, good for economic growth, and good for the tens of thousands of people who are using this mode of transportation daily, Daniella Waldfogel explains. 

Facts regarding subway report by the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce

The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, together with Tyréns, have brought forth a future-plan for the expansion of the subway system in combination with increased construction works. No other public transportation system in Sweden has the amount of travel streams as the one characterized in Stockholm. It is estimated that around 1.2 million travels are realized daily in Stockholm using the public transportation system.

The Chamber’s proposal on new subway lines stretches across the region from Tyresö to Arninge, to Gustavsberg in the northeast, all the way to Huddinge Centrum in the south and Viksjö in the northwest. Furthermore, the proposal also creates cross-connections which reduces the burden on the inner circles of the subway system and provides 13 new interchanging stations. In total, 22 new subway stations could be created apart from the 14 that are already in the planning process.

Read and download full report (Swedish and English summary) here Tunnelbana 3.0