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The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization and acts as a mayor and voice of the business community throughout the capital region. We focus on the region's challenges, present solutions and act together with our members to make the capital region more attractive. Among other things, we work to create a well-functioning housing market, expanded infrastructure and an improved innovation environment. The more people contribute to our organization, the stronger our voice becomes.

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The meeting point

Stockholm Chamber of Commerce is the meeting place for those who want to join and build an attractive metropolitan area. Meet entrepreneurs, politicians and opinion makers. We offer a wide range of events such as skills-developing breakfast seminars, networking meetings, seminars on current policy issues and international business opportunities.

Christmas & Annual meeting

The year's biggest events where business and politics meet to discuss the most important issues concerning the metropolitan area.

Competence enhancing

Driva Företag is a competence-enhancing seminar series with knowledge-intensive content with lecturers that provide you with the tools you need as entrepreneurs and the ability to network.Driva Företag-seminars.

"Do business with..."

"Do business with..." are seminars focusing on international business opportunities in new markets.

Business networks

The Chamber of Commerce has several business networks ranging from modern management and business development to communication and sales. The business networks are run by our members, meeting in smaller network groups to share experiences and challenges. Read more about our business networks here (swedish).

For CEOs in our largest member companies, CCC, Chamber CEO Club, is a network of high-quality meetings on the region's development. As a member, many events are free and through our newsletter or through the event calendar you will see what is going on.

As a member you will also get

Do business at Stockholmsmässan
An exclusive entrance card for two with free admission to all the fairs organized by Stockholmsmässan (the Stockholm Fair).

Is your company exporting?
Save time and money with the ATA carnet. As a member of the Chamber of Commerce, your company gets discounted price on international trade documents. Read more about ATA-carnet here (swedish)

As a member of the Chamber of Commerce, you get a discount on the Board Academy's programs that streamline and improve the board work! Read more at

Show that you are a member of the Chamber of Commerce with our exclusive membership package. The package includes membership block, sign and key ring. Read more about the membershop package here (swedish).

Keep yourself updated
Handelskammartidningen STHLM, a magazine focusing on the current issues of the capital region. Read the magazine here

#capital & #backasthlm
#capital, is an exclusive brief from our CEO Maria Rankka about the latest events in our region.

Want to make a difference?
Influence and contribute to the development of Stockholm and Uppsala through the council and our business network. Contact Anna Malmgren for more information.

What will it cost to become a member?

The annual fee for membership in the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce consists of a membership fee (SEK 500, regardless of size) and a service fee. The service fee is deductible in the company's declaration. VAT will be added on the service charge.

The annual fee is related to the company's turnover in the metropolitan area.

Stockholms Handelskammares Service AB works on behalf of the member companies with regional growth and development issues and conducts extensive networking and meeting activities. In addition, commercial services are offered in arbitration, customs and foreign trade, as well as safe storage of source code.
Turnover (mSEK) Annual (SEK)
0 - 10 3 700
10 - 50 6 350
50 - 100 11 650
100 - 200 15 900
200 - 500 26 500
500 - 1 000 37 100
1 000 - 2 000 53 000
2 000 - 5 000 74 200
5 000 - 10 000 106 000
10 000 159 000

If you have any questions, contact Jessica Nilsson, or call +46 8-555 100 05.

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