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Business climate

What We Do

The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce is the leading business organization for the Capital region, encompassing Stockholm and Uppsala.

We are the voice of the business community in the Capital Region, promoting stronger urbanization, globalization, and digitalization for our Capital Region and beyond.

What we do:

The capital region of Stockholm-Uppsala is one of Europe’s fastest-growing metropolitan areas. The region encompasses 2.5 million residents, one-quarter of Sweden’s population, and generates over 30 percent of the national output. The capital region is characterized by a strong innovation, successful start-up hubs, and a diverse multicultural environment.

We are the voice of the business community in the capital region, promoting stronger urbanization, globalization, and digitalization for our capital region and beyond.

Why you should join us:

The business climate in the capital region is thriving. But growth requires strategy and more investments and an improved regulatory framework. Therefore, the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce regularly holds seminars, conferences, high-level meetings with local and national politicians as well as the business community.

The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce publishes reports on the most pressing issues our businesses and inhabitants face: ranging from a critical housing shortage, to a lack of adequate infrastructure investments, to a regulatory framework that needs more harmonization and ease of doing business.With over 2 000 national and international business members, we bring together leaders who want to take part in the development of our capital region.

We envision a capital region driven by more internationalization, urbanization, and digitalization. That is why we need more international entrepreneurs and global businesses to take part in our important work to improve the capital region to create a win-win situation for our businesses, inhabitants, and cities.

Internationalization, Urbanization, and Digitalization:

There is a silent global shift taking place around the world. The focus is less on countries of the world, and more on global cities. Stockholm is the perfect example of this ongoing trend. In fact, Stockholm is the export engine of Sweden, and increased its export in goods from 2003 to 2015 with 31 percent.

Now is the time for a strategy on internationalization for Stockholm:

  1. Open up the city to global talents
  2. Secure long-term competence
  3. More global headquarters in Stockholm
  4. Integrate Stockholm with the rest of the world
  5. Find and encourage new sectors for exporting – such as healthcare
  6. Reduce the barriers of trade
  7. Put cities at the center for trade policy
  8. Export Stockholm to tourists